Up, Up And Away

Private charter flights are used for all sorts of reasons but the most important function they may have is in the service of medical reasons, flights that are specifically for the purpose of bringing organs from one area of the country to another. This is a very time sensitive procedure and if the organ does not arrive in time, then the operation cannot proceed as the tissue is no longer viable FIFO charter flights. This is why it may seem a bit ghoulish for medical personnel to be hanging around a crash victim, waiting to see if they are going to live or not but the harsh reality is that if the person is a donor and a match to someone then they have to remove the healthy organs as quickly as possible get them on a flight and transported to where the transfer patient is being prepped for surgery.

Charter medical helicopters and jets are the only possible way for this type of transport to occur and they save lives every day by being able access these flights. It also explains why these type of surgeries are so expensive, not only is it the cost of the surgery, staffing and the operating room but the flight and the medical people who are transporting the organ. It all adds up to quite a hefty sum, if you are fortunate enough to have a person deceased who is living in the same region as you then you no longer need to worry about private jet Brisbane and the sooner the organ is transplanted from one to the other the better the chances are of a successful transplant.

It must be devastating to arrive at a hospital, the tissue in the little esky all ready to go and be told that the flight took too long or that the organ has deteriorated too much for a surgery attempt. All that hard work gone, the tissue wasted and the patient waiting for the transplant once more on the list and waiting, all the while their life hanging in the balance. This is the inherit problem with the organ donation and transplant list, it doesn’t really matter how urgent your problem is, if there is no matching tissue then there is no surgery and you just have to continue to hang on in there and hope that someone somewhere is about to have a fatal crash or some such thing so that you can have a chance of surviving. This is why they are not going to perform surgery if you do not change the way you live your life and be healthy in all things, why waste a lung or a heart on someone that is not going to care for it and desecrate the sacrifice someone else has given, a life is gone and the least that can be asked is that it is given to someone worthy.