Tips For Wedding Transportation

When planning a wedding it’s safe to say that automobile will be the last thing on a bride’s mind. But this is another important aspect in a wedding. You not only have to thinking about transportation for you and your partner but keep in mind that you need to think about the retinue, your families and guests as well. So here are a few tips to help you out.

Book in advance

This is really important when considering the brides and grooms mode of transportation. If you are looking for wedding cars hire in Perth then you first need to narrow done to a list of possible companies and then have face to face interviews with them before making up your mind. You really need to pay attention to the time of the event. If it’s usually known as a festive time then you definitely make sure that book in advance. Always ask them if that time of the year is usually busy for them and if so make sure to place the booking in advance to avoid disappointments.

The bridal party

Although the bride and groom may not be obligated to give transportation to the bridal party on the big day it would be a good gesture to say thank you for being there with you on your special day. If you will not be going to the wedding ceremony along them then think through booking them a separate limo. This will only be needed for a few hours. One thing that is commonly seen is that the bride and groom tent to come in small individual cars and the bridal party comes in a limo. Once the ceremony id over the bride and groom and the bridal party all goes to the reception in the limo. This is one way of reducing your costs rather than having 3 separate limos for the day.

You need to make the reservation

This is key to ensuring that the work is done without any hiccups. For example if you are going to go with wedding cars hire in Perth for your big day, make sure that you make the booking in person. Sure you can go with a event planner that can do this for you but then in that case make sure that you get the payment and reservation confirm papers right after the booking has been finalized.

Besides this you may want to look in to giving transportation to your guests. This is especially important if you are having the wedding at a distant location. Most likely in such case the guest will be staying over at near y hotels so therefore you need to see if they have proper method of transportation as well.