Things To Consider When Choosing A Removalist

Moving is commonly known as a very stressful and time consuming job. Just the thought of all those boxes, dusting, packing and moving can give you a headache. However, nowadays there are removalists who will do this job for you. From the packing to the loading, unloading and arranging your new home, these removal companies will do everything keeping you stress-free. But, it is important to choose the right removalist so here are some things to consider before choosing a removalist.

1. Professional and accredited

As mentioned before, there many removal companies in the industry. Not every company is professional and accredited. So, make sure that your removalist is accredited in the industry so that you can guarantee a job done according to professional standards. Check if they are registered under your respective local authority for example, AFRA- Australian Furniture Removers’ Association.

2. Reviews and recommendations

Reviews of other people can be a great help to identify what removal companies are the best. Ask your friends and family to recommend you a removalist or you can ask about the remover you have in mind and get their reviews. Later on, search those removers online. You may find 3rd party reviews which will give you a better idea.

3. Insurance policies

Even if you choose a professional removalist, accidents can happen. Find out the different insurance policies they offer so that you are sure that your belongings are safe. You do not want to move into your new home or office with damaged goods.

4. Estimates

A good removalist is someone with the ability to analyze your stuff and estimate the volume of them. This is done in cubic metres. They will also tell you what exactly you should pack up and take with you and the things you better leave behind or dispose since you do not want to stuff your new home with clutter. Plan out how you will move the bigger furniture through stairways and hallways. This estimate is important since this is what will decide your cost. There are many removalists to choose from so compare each one’s price and choose cheap removalists but keep in mind to check their quality of work too.

5. Fragile items

You will have items that are very special to you and are also quite fragile. You have a complete right to ask your removalist about the necessary measures taken to protect them. Do not hesitate to ask their plan and even suggest ideas so that your goods are safe. Cheap removalists may not pay much attention to detail but it is your responsibility to choose a high quality but affordable removalist.

Some removalists also offer storage facilities for any extra goods. This will be an added advantage. So, compare all these factors and choose the most appropriate one for you.